What you can expect on your first day.

Most importantly, expect a welcoming environment. On your first day, you will be taught the fundamentals of Mysore practice. To begin with, students will be provided with a bit of background information about the Mysore method and its history, and will be asked to observe the classroom for a few minutes. This is intended to help students settle into the new space and gain a sense of how the class works. Next, you will be taught the traditional breathing technique that is practiced in Ashtanga Yoga, called Ujjayi Pranayama. After practicing the breath, you will work one on one with the teacher and be lead through the traditional sun salutations, Surya Namaskara A and B which begin every Ashtanga practice. After going through each posture as many times as the student needs until a measure of memorization has been reached, the student will be asked to repeat them by themselves. Each successive time that the student returns to class, they will repeat the postures already learned with the teacher and then be introduced to new ones. In this progression, according to each student's pace and schedule, practitioners advance through the Ashtanga primary series.