Meditation, chanting and discussion of the opening invocation: Sunday August, 30, 9:45-10:15

Join us after practice this Sunday, 8/ 30, from 9:45-10:15 for some meditation, chanting and a closer look at the opening invocation of Ashtanga yoga.

The two verses of the chant come from different sources. The first verse is the opening benedictory verse of a 29-verse poem called the "Yoga Taravalli" written by Adi Sankara, and is said to be one of Krishnamacharya’s favorites.

The second verse is part of the Patanjali Invocation, which is often chanted before chanting the Yoga Sutras. According to Geeta Ivengar: 

‘The authors of [this] invocation are actually unknown….However, some traditional books mention that abahu purusakaram was written by King Bhojadeva in 1, 100 AD, author of Rajamartanda Vrtti a commentary on the Yoga Sutras.’